How to pass CSM test with flying colors? ScrumAlliance

Certifed Scrum Master exam

I recently passed Scrum Alliance CSM test with 92%. I studied scrum concepts for one week after formal training of 2 days from Certified scrum trainer.

How to pass CSM test?

CSM course is practical oriented so two-days training is the most important thing of this course. After completing the training candidate must pass CSM test within 90 days to become certified ScrumMaster.

Below are some of the tips to clear this test with less preparation.

  1. Understand the Rules and Roles in the scrum.

  2. Understand all of the artefacts of the scrum.

  3. Take a good look at all of the events/ceremonies in the scrum.

  4. Scenarios with multiples scrum teams and their integration for single product delivery.

  5. Agile vision, agile manifesto, Product vision.

Must important documents for study are 1. official scrum guide 2. Scrum primer. I found scrum primer more helpful than official scrum guide.

  1.Official scrum guide:

  2.Scrum Primer:

Mock tests play very important role to get comfortable with the type of questions and MCQ answers.

Note that most of the mock questions are very much easy as compared to CSM exam. CSM exam questions are tough and mostly scenario based.

You can take below mock tests for practice.

1. Scrum Open – 30 mock questions.

2. Mock Exam 4 U  Test – 50 questions each test. (Sometimes doesn't work but try your luck)

3. Scrum Source – This website has 3 mock tests with 30 questions each

You can find general information about Scrum Alliance Certified ScrumMaster on the official website here.…

Happy Learning.

Update/21 June 2016 => Some of my friends used these mock tests and official scrum guides, They secured 100% in the CSM exam. If you are using these tests or any other source please let me know in comment section. I will update this blog with those new links.

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Update/20 October 2016 => As one of the blog reader commented here.
Above all mock tests are more helpful when you are giving exam through Scrum Alliance. There is one more exam provider, if you are taking CSM exam through then according to Anita these mock tests are not that useful. See her comment below. 

Update/19 January 2017 => One of the blog reader commented here. That He used a paid mock test and it was helpful. Its cost is $15 check here:

Update/30 January 2017 => I got the personal message on twitter from one of the blog writers about free scrum dumps.……

Update/20 March 2017 => One of the blog reader (Gunjan) commented here in his comment, Below links are also helpful take a look.…………-……;

Update/22August2017  => One of the blog reader Sam commented here about 10 more quizzes about scrum Check the link

Useful books for Certified ScrumMaster exam : 
1.Essential Scrum: A Practical Guide to the Most Popular Agile Process:
2.Scrum Narrative and PSM Exam Guide:
3. The Great ScrumMaster: #ScrumMasterWay :


Hi Chintan, am planning to do the CSM certification this June. Can you please suggest a good CSM training provider to attend the 2 days CSM classroom training in Pune. Please would appreciate your earliest revert. Thank you.

In reply to by Mel

Hi Mel,

Please check this
 Knowledgehut is good, Also check the details of the trainer before enrolling.



Cleared my certification. Probably the easiest certification i have done passed with 100 percent

Where and how do I schedule the exam for certified scrum master? Also, what is the cost of the certification?

In reply to by Sneha

Hi Sneha,

Before scheduling Scrum Alliance CSM exam you have to attend 2 days training. The training providers will enrol you to Scrum Alliance. Then you can appear to the exam with-in 90 days.
2-day Training + Exam fees go up to Rs.25k.

Cheers \m/


Hi, Is it alright to take the exam without the 2 day training? The cost is too much. Specially with GST I will go through almost all the guides given in the website and mock test..

In reply to by Nevedha Kannan

Hi Nevedha,

For ScrumAlliance CSM two-day training is the compulsory thing without two days training you can not take this exam.

But if cost is the issue then I would suggest that you should go with PSM Certifications, In these certifications two-day training is optional.

Let me know how it goes with

Cheers \m/

i am looking for questions. found few here. anyone know more to download free.

Hi Chintan, I have been planned for CSM Certification. And planning to enrolled with Leanpitch (Trainer Name – Satisha K) to take training. Please guide me for institute as well as preparation point of view. Also suggest some guide lines to complete this exam with good score.

Hi Chintan, I have planned for CSM certification and already enrolled for 2 days (i.e on 29th and 30th July) mandatory training. And then planning to take the test within next 1-2 weeks after training. Can you give me some valuable tips on how to clear the exam with flying colors?

In reply to by Amit Verma

Hi Amit,

Great that you enrolled for training already.
Regarding your previous question, It is difficult to evaluate a trainer unless you know that person.
That's the reason I refrain from commenting on trainers/Institutes.

Before going to two-day training make sure you are aware of basic terms in scrum and agile world.
This training will have many small activities in which you will participate in teams or individually so just actively participate in those.
Ask all your questions to the trainer at that time only do not hold back.

After training take a week to revise your workbook and take some mock exams given in this blog. That all you need to get a good score.  The CSM exam is simple and very easy when you attentively participate in the training workshop.

Do share your experience after.
Cheers \m/  

Hi Chintan, We have total three attempts for CSM exam. Can we use all of them ,meaning to improve score in subsequent exams. Is it possible? Or are we allowed to use only one attempt in case we clear the exam.

In reply to by Mitesh

Hi Mitesh,

We have only two 'Free' attempts. It is not clearly mentioned on the website that we can take multiple attempts even after passing. Check this

More important, If you go through all of the links and mock test from my blog then you can easily score 100%. I  am sure you don't need more than 100%  ;-)

Hi, I am trying to use below link for more quiz since verification link does not go to my gmail account so I am not able to signup. Please help.

In reply to by sanjeev kumar

Hi Sanjeev Kumar,

I tried with my account. I received an email with "Action required to verify your account" as a subject line.

The email was in JUNK folder not in INBOX.
So for Gmail check SPAM folder.

Hi Chintan, I have been reading this blog and all comments posted on this blog of yours and am certainly sure about authenticity of the resources you have mentioned :). Firstly thanks for sharing all of them here under one roof. I have been following scrum methodology in my organization for more than 2 years now and i have well versed with roles, rules, artifacts of scrum. I have gone through Scrum guide book and scrum premier book. Its just that i have to take mock tests and have to register myself for 2 days training session in Bangalore. Can you please let me know if i am missing anything in terms of preparation? I know you stay away from giving feedback about trainers but still i would like to know if Aakash Srinivasan is good coach. The reason being i am planning to complete CSM before october 1st. Regards, Krishna Samaga B.

In reply to by Krishna Samaga


Hi Krishna,

Thanks for encouraging comments. It really helps me to keep going. Looking at Aakash Srinivasan professional profile (here) on Scrum Alliance looks like he is a very experienced trainer and provides training through almost all well-known institutes.

As you have 2 Yrs of hands on experience in Scrum then the CSM exam will be really easy for you. I strongly suggest a) Actively participate in all activities in CSM workshop. b) You will get a workbook in training revise that workbook twice. c) Scrum guides d) Mock test. That's all you can easily score 100%

Best of luck, Cheers \m/


Chintan, Great Blog with all information about Scrum. After surveying a lot, coaches I chose are (I) Pete Deemer (II)Naveen Nanjundappa. Pete Deemer's seats are full. So I am going with Naveen.

Hi Chintan, I am currently in Finland and will be coming to India for somedays during which i am planning to take up the CSM training as the same costs way too high in Finland (almost 3 times the price). Can i still give the exam once i am back to Finland or do i need to give the exam in India since i am taking the training in India?

In reply to by Amit

Hi Amit,

Yes, Once you complete two-day training and your trainer enrolled you to exam you can give CSM online exam from anywhere.
i.e. Once you paid exam fees then you can take the exam from anywhere.


Hi Chintan, I have enrolled for CSM Classes through 'Good Agile' partner in Scrum Alliance. Trainer is Ethan Huang. I have a contact details of 1 particular person from 'Good agile'. Please provide feedback about the partner and Trainer also if any idea ? Thank you.

How much Scrum Alliance CSM is effective in the resume for experienced professionals, like what are the benefits of the same. Thanks in advance

Hi Chintan,this is indeed great blog.Thanks for it! I am planning to take up 2 days class in December and before I take class I will be going through all the material on your blog as I have 2 months time till Dec.. sort of reverse preparation :)I just need your feedback (if you don't mind) on Knowledge Hut, an institute in Delhi which provide scrum preparation classes by SCTs. Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks!

In reply to by Ashish Saxena

Hi Ashish,

Knowledge Hut is good training provider, These kinds of training really dependent on "THE TRAINER" and not on "INSTITUTES".
Check for the best trainer and its profile, experience. (Just for example:  If you are from banking domain and trainer is also from banking domain, the examples he will give in his training will be more understandable to you than a person from digital marketing domain)
For these training, the institutes just act as a middleman for setting up the venue and all sort of logistics.

Best of luck, Do share your experience after.

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